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Orthopantomography (also known as panoramic x-ray of the dental arches) is a radiographic technique that provides an image of the: teeths, dental arches, mandibular and maxillary bones, maxillary sinuses.
Our clinic is equipped with the new generation of panoramic ”Gendex” and offers superior performance with exceptional convenience.
What is orthopantomography (OPT) for?
The orthopantomography (OPT) is used to check the health of the teeth, bones (mandibular and axillary), and the joints that open and close the mouth. In particular, it is indicated to verify:

  • the presence of caries
  • the correct alignment of the two arches
  • the evaluation of the bones in anticipation of implants
  • the position of wisdom teeth
  • the verification of the existence of bone cysts or granulomas
  • The orthopantomography is usually performed during the first visit, in order to carry out a complete treatment plan.
  • In our center, in addition to a new generation orthopantomograph, we also have dedicated staff (Radiologist Technicians) in order to make radiographs with the highest quality and minimum radiation exposure.
  • Pregnant women cannot take dental x-rays for diagnostic purposes
  • With the panoramic radiography (orthopantomography) we will be able to make you a complete visit with a quote in a few minutes.

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