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An Italian-Albanian team led by dr. Giovanni Bona, Italian implantologist, who based his experience in the search for advanced techniques to return to
his patients a functional smile for everyday activities.
He counts more than 20,000 implants positioned in his career of more than 25 years, as well as having guided and trained more than 300 dentists. The Tirana Clinic offers all its patients the educational values ​​and technological standards required by dr. Giovanni Bona.

Do you want a perfect smile - Lowest and most advantageous prices, European Quality

Dental GB

Dott. Giovanni Bona – I am a dentist, I graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis in 1992 in Turin, Italy. I had the good fortune for the first two years of activity to be able to work with my father who was a Dentist, who taught me respect for patients to be understanding of people’s requests and needs. I started the business in 1993 in a town near Turin, in a small provincial practice with only two armchairs, then over the years I have continued to invest a large part of my time and earnings in the dental business, to improve the quality of services provided, up to 35 dental offices in Italy. In 2017 I decided to move my professional activity abroad, after having given up the clinics in Italy, and I chose Albania as the country in which to open the new clinic, I enrolled in the Albanian Medical Association and started the business. After realizing my professional dream, today I am ready to start again with new challenging projects to bring my skills to other countries.

Staff Italo - Albanese

Staff Italo - Albanese

Garanzia E Sicurezza

Garanzia e Sicurezza

25 Anni Di Esperienza

25 anni di esperienza

20'000 Impianti

20'000 impianti

First visit and preventiv

Without obligation, personalized consultations via Skype, Whatsapp directly with dr. Giovanni Bona.


10 years on dental implants, 5 years on ceramic crowns and Toronto prostheses, 3 years on fillings, reconstructions.

Italian quality

The GUARANTEE of the quality of the treatments thanks to a clinical experience of over 25 years of dr. Giovanni Bona in Italy.

Stafi i Dental GB

Një staf italo-shqiptar i udhëhequr nga dott. Giovanni Bona, mjek implantolog nga Torino (Itali),i cili e ka bazuar eksperiencën e tij në kërkimet më të avancuara për t’i kthyer pacientëve të tij buzëqeshjen në përditshmërinë e tyre.


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