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Dental Aesthetics

How to have a perfect smile


It’s a lost day

Dental aesthetics takes care of giving you an optimal smile, correcting the shape of
your teeth, improving the color of the enamel and eliminating all those small or large imperfections of the oral cavity that can create severe discomfort in interpersonal relationships.

For us at ‘Dental GB’, the aesthetics and beauty of your teeth together with their health represent the two key points on which we rely to make you go back to using your best business card … Your Smile

To achieve this we put the best of our professionals at your disposal

-the dentist    -the dental hygienist

-the oral surgeon             -the specialist in dental aesthetics

making them cooperate with each other so as to be able to meet all your aesthetic needs.

Some of the imperfections that are corrected in our clinic are:

  • Diastemas (spaced teeth)
  • Obvious malocclusions (dental malposition)
  • Dental overlaps
  • Dental discoloration such as “yellow teeth” or dental demineralization
  • Defects of form

In detail, the treatments offered by Dental GB to improve the aesthetics of your teeth are:
Dental whitening: Improve the color of your teeth by using a gel (Opalescence Boost 40%) activated by a special lamp.
Veneers: aesthetic ” coatings ” that are used to mask small orthodontic rehabilitations, for diastemas, for dental discolorations that cannot be resolved by whitening or to improve the line of your smile.
Replacement of missing teeth with Metal-Free Zirconium teeth Per chi cerca il massimo dell’estetica proponiamo queste soluzioni che danno al dente impiantato un risultato paragonabile solo a quello di un dente naturale.
Sostituzione denti mancanti con denti in Zirconio Metal-Free : This avoids the gray collars due to the transparency of the metal and the unsightly (gray) coloring of the gum.
Invisible aligners: Through the Invisalign® system our clinics are able to align teeth with a totally invisible appliance.

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